Welcome back! This post is all about the upcoming matches for week 3 of the North American, League Championship Series or LCS for short. After 2 weeks of matches Curse Gaming are still sat atop the ladder with a flawless record of 5 wins to a big fat 0 losses. While at the other end of the ladder, Vulcun Gaming are still searching for their first win, along with Marn and Complexity.

Curse are only playing 1 match this weekend, as they face off against GGU in the 2nd game of the week. Many will be expecting Curse to keep their perfect score and go 6-0, however GGU have said they have a curveball to throw at Curse so we should be expecting a great match up here. It has also been said by many of the pros and casters that GGU are the closest team to breaking into that top 4 of Curse, Dig, TSM and CLG.

Speaking of these other 3 top teams, Dignitas will go up against CLG for the first time this season, while TSM won’t be featuring this week as they are on their bye week.

Dignitas have shown some fight after a disappointing first week by coming back and beating TSM, GGU and Marn to pull their tally back to 4 wins and 2 losses. While CLG had their bye week last week and currently sit at 2-1. These 2 NA giants have faced off so many times that standard strategy is no longer an option, expect to see some outlandish strategies from both teams.

On the opposite side of the ladder once again, Vulcun will be facing Team Marn. I include this because Vulcun are currently 0-5 and not doing particularly great, but in my opinion, and many other opinions, Marn are not exactly the best team in the LCS. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Vulcun will pick up their first win in this match, but judging by recent form they may even lose?

Howspiffings Predictions

Vulcun 0 – 1 Counter Logic Gaming

Curse 1 – 0 Good Game University

Team Dignitas 0 – 1 Counter Logic Gaming

Complexity 1 – 0 Vulcun

Marn 0 – 1 Good Game University

Counter Logic Gaming 1 – 0 Complexity

Marn 0 – 1 Vulcun

Good Game University 1 – Complexity

Overall I’m predicting a good week for CLG and Complexity, both of them will be taking home wins in my opinion. While I stick to my guns about Marn not picking up a win anywhere this week.

Thanks for reading folks! If you want to contest my opinions then feel free to comment on this post or tweet @Howspiffing .

I’d also like to shoutout to BrokenShard and the EU Challenger tournament he is hosting on Friday. My team ‘ MyRevenge ‘ will be streamed at 6PM CEST on Friday, so be sure to tune in then xD


NA LCS week 3 preview


Interview with the ‘ Project Challenger ‘ player – Woundar!

Remember the project challenger fellow? He decided to take a year off from everything to pursue League of Legends for a year. To go from silver leagues, and try to get up to challenger in 1 year. This intrigued me, so I decided to send him a couple of questions, and to my delight, he responded! Here is a link to the original reddit post –

And here is the interview…

 Why did you decide to do this?

Everyday I see people who are not pleased with what they do and get stuck in some kind of social lock and get depressed and bitter over time. I want to follow my dreams and at least try to get close to what I strive to become.

 If you don’t mind me asking, how were you able to get the money to survive for a year 

I’m the kind of person who saves money to spend it on something big afterwards. I had  some part-time jobs and also saved some of the my food money since high-school.

 What is your ultimate goal out of this?

 My ultimate goal is to become a professional gamer/streamer or get a job in e-sports. That is my dream.

 Describe your average day 

I get up and have a usual morning routine; stuff like taking a shower, getting some sort of workout going and getting some breakfast. After that is time to stream for 8 hours and I try my best to keep a strict schedule. After I finish streaming some days I have the energy to go out and spend some time socializing, otherwise I just get ready to close the day by browsing the internet for a little bit before finally going to bed.

 What will you do if you achieve your goal, will you attempt to go pro? 

I will surely do. I think becoming a professional gamer gives you such unique and amazing experiences like traveling and meeting new people around the world.

 if not, what will you do after the year? 

I will probably go back to college and get a my degree in philosophy which is what I was doing before deciding to start the project. I think of myself as a jack of all trades so who knows I might try something different.

 Are you familiar with the pro scene?, if yes, who is your favourite team/players

 Yes I try to watch as many tournaments as I can. As for favourite teams I would have to say Dignitas for NA, Gambit Gaming for EU and for the asian scene CJ Entus. My favourite player is definitely Scarra

 What do you say to people who don’t like what you are doing? 

 Even though the majority of people reacted great towards my project, there were some who were skeptical which is totally understandable. What I’m doing may seem unreasonable and a huge waste of time for some people. I know that I’m still young and have all the time  in the world to go back and finish my studies and live what they would call a “normal life”.

 Favourite champ/role

Rammus. OK. Jungle. OK.

 Anything else you would like to add?

 I would like to thank everyone who supported me thus far, my friends and family and my loyal stream viewers who tune in to watch me everyday. Thank you for keeping my morale up and standing by me in this project.

You can view the stream here ->

You can tweet @Woundar to support him

He is also a genuinely nice guy so it will be great to see him get some support from this great community!


EU LCS week 2 Preview


Week 1 has been and gone and the European teams brought their A game, and after the opening week, we have a 3 way tie for the lead spot! Unlike NA, no one team has risen after the first set of games to keep a completely flawless record ( Curse ), instead we have SK Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and Fnatic all tied at the top spot. Not really surprising seeing as the best teams in Europe are all at around the same level, the only surprise from week 1 to me was the fact that Gambit Gaming are at 1-2, but it is a long season, and  there are a lot of games to go…

Leading into this week we don’t see many big name matchups, bar Evil Geniuses vs SK Gaming, a rematch of last weeks match where SK where able overcome EG for the first time in a while. Apart from that we see DragonBorns and aAa making their debuts in the LCS, with DB facing EG in their first match, while aAa test themselves against Gambit Gaming, a tough start for these 2 teams. Former Jungler and current coach for DragonBorns ‘ Brokenshard ‘ seemed confident about the team taking on such a tough opponent in week 1.

Evil Geniuses vs SK Gaming. Sat 16/02 – 21:00 CET

This is the the biggest match of the weekend in my opinion, much like TSM vs Dig in the NA LCS, these 2 teams have played already and will rematch just a week later. In NA, the results were swapped, with Dig beating TSM in week 2, I wonder if the result will be the same here. I didn’t really expect SK to beat EG last week so it goes to show how hard the matches are to predict in Europe. That being said, I still fancy EG in this one, and yes I know that’s exactly what I said last week, but I just think EG are the better team right now, however judging by how close these 2 teams are in skill level, I wouldn’t be surprised if SK could take the win again. Look out for the mid lane battle between Scarfelote and Froggen, I really want Froggen to pull out an unconventional mid lane champion to really test Ocelotes skill, he tried it last week by pulling out Jayce and it backfired, maybe if SK leave Anivia unbanned…

The other team I want to highlight is Dragonborns. They play against Evil Geniuses and SK Gaming this weekend, and I honestly think they can pick up a win or 2 here. They came through the offline qualifiers, they looked good after beating MYM in the finals, a feat no one expected of them, and I think they can cause an upset in this weeks games.

As for aAa, I never expected them to make it through the offline qualifiers after what happened to Linak ( got banned from LCS ). So I honestly don’t know what to expect from them, they will be playing against Gambit Gaming , only 1 game for them this weekend. With Gambit gaming coming off a rough first week, aAa will have to be at the top of their game to hold them off.

Howspiffing Predictions!

Evil Geniuses 1 – 0 DragonBorns

Copenhagen Wolves 0 – 1 SK Gaming

Against All Authority 0 – 1 Gambit Gaming

Evil Geniuses 1 – 0 SK Gaming

Gambit Gaming 1 – 0 Copenhagen Wolves

Evil Geniuses 1 – 0 GIANTS Gaming

SK Gaming 0 – 1 DragonBorns

GIANTS Gaming 0 – 1 Copenhagen Wolves

Thanks for reading guys, if you disagree with my opinions, let me know! Comment on here or tweet @Howspiffing ( I will be tweeting during the matches )

In other news I have applied for the CLG writing job, I will keep you updated on that as soon as I know any news. LeagueLiveTV sponsored by ZyoriTV will be airing this Monday at 11PM GMT, with special guest Brokenshard from DragonBorns to discuss the LCS games so don’t forget to watch that ( )

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NA LCS week 2 preview


The best part about the LCS is that after an amazing opening weekend, the action continues the next week! Now granted the week 2 matches aren’t as glamorous as the opening weekends, we should still be in for some good games.

Early on it looks like Curse have taken a lead, going 3-0 in the opening weekend, which includes wins over Team Dignitas, and CLG. Led by the outstanding performance of jungler and captain Saintvicious, Curse look to secure 2 more wins this week as they go up against Complexity and Vulcun.

Team Dignitas vs TSM SnapDragon. Thu 02/14 – 4PM PST

The big game of the weekend come with this match up on the first day.  TSM have already beaten Dig this season, although we can call that game extremely close, so Dig will be out for revenge. Another mid lane epic here as Regi and Scarra face off once more, 2 very seasoned and very skilled mid laners. Another interesting lane will be Dyrus vs KiwiKid in the top lane. KiwiKid was violated by Voyboy in the match vs Curse and it will be interesting to see if he has improved enough to face off with the extremely experienced Dyrus. All this being said, this is an opinion blog, and i’m calling TSM to take this one, based on the fact that I feel TSM were playing badly last weekend, and still managed to beat Dignitas, and I only feel like TSM will get stronger going into these games. Still going to be a very close game though

Curse vs Vulcun. Fri 02/15 – 5PM PST

The LoL Esports website didn’t feature this as a ‘Game to Watch’ which I thought was wrong, so I decided to preview this game instead of the other game they highlighted ( Dignitas vs GGU ). So anyway, Curse are obviously flying at the moment, and are in my mind, the best team in NA. However I do feel that Vulcun can come out and surprise Curse if they aren’t careful enough. They have to be disappointed to play so well against TSM and Dig and to come out 0-2 that their motivation is going to be sky high to bounce back. I think the key for Vulcun will be either winning the bot lane, shutting down Voyboy at top or hoping that Nyjacky is not on form. The bot lane for me is the weakest part of Curse, so therefore easiest to target, but I also feel that if Voyboy is left unchecked, he can control the game, Nyjacky has a tendency to be rather inconsistent, so if he is playing badly Vulcun can capitalize. I want to say a Vulcun win because I love supporting the underdogs, but I feel that Curse are just too good at the moment.

Once again thanks for reading guys. I’m going to be doing preview posts each week for both regions in the style of :

Intro -> Current leading team -> 2-4 best match ups.

I also would like to expand into video making, vlogging, video interviews and what not, but to do that I need enough readers/viewers to make it worth it. I also may be partnering with a friend of mine to expand into a proper website with news and vids, but that could be weeks away.

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LCS EU week 1 preview


The LCS has kicked off in North America after the first day of games went down, seeing CLG, Curse and TSM all picking up wins ( although TSM did lose 1 of CLG ). Tomorrow the fun begins in Europe in what promises to be an extremely exciting opening weekend.  Just like America, Riot have made it so that the opening week promises the most exciting of match ups. On the Saturday we have SK vs Fnatic to open the EU season, followed an hour later by Gambit gaming vs Evil Genuises. The other 2 games of the Saturday are Fnatic vs Giants, and SK vs Copenhagen Wolves. For the purposes of time i’ll only be going over the ‘big’ games. On Sunday we will see 5 more games which include Gambit vs Fnatic, Wolves vs EG, Giants vs Gambit, and EG vs SK. So let’s take a look at the big matchups of the week…

SK Gaming vs Fnatic. Sat 09/02 – 18:00 CEST

2 European rivals face off to open the LCS in europe. A huge rivalry that alwas offers great games whenever they face off. Mos recently we saw Fnatic topple SK at IEM Katowice thanks to an unbelievable Kassadin backdoor my xPeke. Which brings me to the point that the deciding factor for this game could well come down to who can dominate the mid lane. Ocelote and xPeke are both mid lane maestros, spanish geniuses, an intense rivals. If I can promise 1 thing from the match on Saturday, I promise you that this mid lane match up is going to be mind blowing. Another rivalry appearing is in the form of Yellowstar, the new AD carry for Fnatic after they were forced to drop Rekkles due to age laws, YellowStar was actually kicked from SK a few months ago the world finals for a lack of dedication, he is going to be hoping to make SK regret that decision. With Fnatics performances recently exceeding that of SK Gaming, they may be considered favourites, but you can never underestimate SK gaming, Ocelote posted this to his twitter account a few days ago ” My team and me are in shape, we are f****** scary right now. ” which seems to indicate high levels of confidence from SK, and with Fnatic playing well they are also going to be filled with confidence, but there can only be 1 winner of this match, and it’s going to be a good one.

Gambit Gaming vs Evil Geniuses. Sat 09/02 – 19:00 CEST

Pretty much immediately after the SK vs Fnatic game, we are going to be treated to a match up, the teams of which are widely regarded as the 2 best teams in Europe. Gambit Gaming, formerly known as Moscow 5 exploded on to the scene back in January of last year, and despite dropping form later on in the season, have regained their initial strength and are once again challenging for the top spot in Europe. Evil Geniuses have had a bumpy couple of months after leaving CLG, but eventually found a new home in EG. Expect this game to be a battle of the mids again, with Froggen and Alex Ich, in my opinion, the 2 best mids in Europe, locking horns once again. Not only the mid battle, but also watch for the jungle fight, as Snoopeh will have to deal with Diamondprox’s world renowned super aggressive counter jungle style. These 2 teams will be fighting for top spot all season, and whoever wins this first match can really take some momentum into the rest of the season. P.S SHHHH don’t tell anyone, but i’m an EG fan :O

Gambit Gaming vs Fnatic. Sun 10/02 – 18:00 CEST

Day 2 kicks off with a mega match-up. Gambit Gaming should be going in as favourites for this game but ever since IPL5, Fnatic have been on a stomping spree, getting 2nd at IPL5, 2nd at IEM Cologne, 3rd at IEM Katowice, and breezing through the qualifiers for the LCS. This game promises to be a fantastic game, will Fnatic be able to upstage the big boys?. Their roster may not be big name stars like that of Gambit Gaming, but I personally think that Fnatic can cause an upset in this game. Look out for an exciting bot lane fight between the duos of Genja/Edward vs YellowStarr/nRated.

SK Gaming vs Evil Geniuses. Sun 10/02 – 21:00 CEST

The final game of the weekend is good one, 2 veterans of the European scene battling it out to close the opening weekend of what should be an amazing season. As mentioned before, both teams are coming into the opening weekend, confident of good results, and if both teams are not careful, they could find themselevs 0-3/1-2 after the first weekend. Expect yet another epic mid battle as Ocelote and Froggen battle it out for supremacy in the mid lane, with the game possibly being decided by jungle pressure, and is that is the case, I have to back Snoopeh over Hryqbot. Nevertheless this game is going to be amazing just like the other games I’ve highlighted in this article.

Thanks for reading this guys, remember I write this to try and make a name for myself in Esports as this is my passion, any feedback or shares is greatly appreciated. Please don’t be afraid to criticize me I can take it :). Once again thanks for reading. Shout out to MyRevenge the organization that sponsors my team. ZyrotiTV who sponsor LeagueLive my weekly webshow. And a special shoutout to Angel Vigil, Bron Mitchell, Will Thompson, James ‘ DignitasStress ‘ o Leary, and especially Yvette ‘ TheRealLifeNidalee ‘ Hurtado.

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