Interview with the ‘ Project Challenger ‘ player – Woundar!

Remember the project challenger fellow? He decided to take a year off from everything to pursue League of Legends for a year. To go from silver leagues, and try to get up to challenger in 1 year. This intrigued me, so I decided to send him a couple of questions, and to my delight, he responded! Here is a link to the original reddit post –

And here is the interview…

 Why did you decide to do this?

Everyday I see people who are not pleased with what they do and get stuck in some kind of social lock and get depressed and bitter over time. I want to follow my dreams and at least try to get close to what I strive to become.

 If you don’t mind me asking, how were you able to get the money to survive for a year 

I’m the kind of person who saves money to spend it on something big afterwards. I had  some part-time jobs and also saved some of the my food money since high-school.

 What is your ultimate goal out of this?

 My ultimate goal is to become a professional gamer/streamer or get a job in e-sports. That is my dream.

 Describe your average day 

I get up and have a usual morning routine; stuff like taking a shower, getting some sort of workout going and getting some breakfast. After that is time to stream for 8 hours and I try my best to keep a strict schedule. After I finish streaming some days I have the energy to go out and spend some time socializing, otherwise I just get ready to close the day by browsing the internet for a little bit before finally going to bed.

 What will you do if you achieve your goal, will you attempt to go pro? 

I will surely do. I think becoming a professional gamer gives you such unique and amazing experiences like traveling and meeting new people around the world.

 if not, what will you do after the year? 

I will probably go back to college and get a my degree in philosophy which is what I was doing before deciding to start the project. I think of myself as a jack of all trades so who knows I might try something different.

 Are you familiar with the pro scene?, if yes, who is your favourite team/players

 Yes I try to watch as many tournaments as I can. As for favourite teams I would have to say Dignitas for NA, Gambit Gaming for EU and for the asian scene CJ Entus. My favourite player is definitely Scarra

 What do you say to people who don’t like what you are doing? 

 Even though the majority of people reacted great towards my project, there were some who were skeptical which is totally understandable. What I’m doing may seem unreasonable and a huge waste of time for some people. I know that I’m still young and have all the time  in the world to go back and finish my studies and live what they would call a “normal life”.

 Favourite champ/role

Rammus. OK. Jungle. OK.

 Anything else you would like to add?

 I would like to thank everyone who supported me thus far, my friends and family and my loyal stream viewers who tune in to watch me everyday. Thank you for keeping my morale up and standing by me in this project.

You can view the stream here ->

You can tweet @Woundar to support him

He is also a genuinely nice guy so it will be great to see him get some support from this great community!


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