Welcome back! This post is all about the upcoming matches for week 3 of the North American, League Championship Series or LCS for short. After 2 weeks of matches Curse Gaming are still sat atop the ladder with a flawless record of 5 wins to a big fat 0 losses. While at the other end of the ladder, Vulcun Gaming are still searching for their first win, along with Marn and Complexity.

Curse are only playing 1 match this weekend, as they face off against GGU in the 2nd game of the week. Many will be expecting Curse to keep their perfect score and go 6-0, however GGU have said they have a curveball to throw at Curse so we should be expecting a great match up here. It has also been said by many of the pros and casters that GGU are the closest team to breaking into that top 4 of Curse, Dig, TSM and CLG.

Speaking of these other 3 top teams, Dignitas will go up against CLG for the first time this season, while TSM won’t be featuring this week as they are on their bye week.

Dignitas have shown some fight after a disappointing first week by coming back and beating TSM, GGU and Marn to pull their tally back to 4 wins and 2 losses. While CLG had their bye week last week and currently sit at 2-1. These 2 NA giants have faced off so many times that standard strategy is no longer an option, expect to see some outlandish strategies from both teams.

On the opposite side of the ladder once again, Vulcun will be facing Team Marn. I include this because Vulcun are currently 0-5 and not doing particularly great, but in my opinion, and many other opinions, Marn are not exactly the best team in the LCS. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Vulcun will pick up their first win in this match, but judging by recent form they may even lose?

Howspiffings Predictions

Vulcun 0 – 1 Counter Logic Gaming

Curse 1 – 0 Good Game University

Team Dignitas 0 – 1 Counter Logic Gaming

Complexity 1 – 0 Vulcun

Marn 0 – 1 Good Game University

Counter Logic Gaming 1 – 0 Complexity

Marn 0 – 1 Vulcun

Good Game University 1 – Complexity

Overall I’m predicting a good week for CLG and Complexity, both of them will be taking home wins in my opinion. While I stick to my guns about Marn not picking up a win anywhere this week.

Thanks for reading folks! If you want to contest my opinions then feel free to comment on this post or tweet @Howspiffing .

I’d also like to shoutout to BrokenShard and the EU Challenger tournament he is hosting on Friday. My team ‘ MyRevenge ‘ will be streamed at 6PM CEST on Friday, so be sure to tune in then xD


NA LCS week 3 preview


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