Why DoubleBuff ( 1 Trick Ponies ) Shouldn’t be ignored.

Hey guys, I decided to re open the blog after a 2/3 month hiatus. My reasons for this are overwhelming college work, and my recent work with Leaguepedia. Hopefully I will be restarting this full time to provide some of my opinions onto the Esports scene of mainly League of Legends, but also possibly Starcraft 2 if I feel my input will be beneficial. Anyway, getting on with it…

On Friday the 26th of April, Vulcun defeated CLG 2-1, which was a shock to quite a few people. CLG have been extremely disappointing by their standards all season long, and being knocked into the summer promotion playoffs has confirmed what has been on their minds for the majority of the Spring season. That they may be fighting for their careers against strong amateur teams.

Immediately after CLG lost, I switched to my twitter feed, and already the tweets about BigFatJiji facing his old team were coming through. For those who don’t know, Jiji now plays for Azure Cats, an amateur team that also features notable players like Demonlul and CruzertheBruzer. Azure Cats are in the summer promotion series, but contrary to popular belief, they are not up against CLG. They are against DoubleBuff ( 1 Trick Ponies ) first.

Some who are less involved in Esports may not have heard of them, or might remember them from the previous LCS qualifiers, in which they choked while pulling out their famous ‘1 trick pony’. The reasons for this are pretty simple. DoubleBuff qualified for IPL6, which was unfortunately cancelled due to a change in management and lack of funding. There was also an incident where DoubleBuff ( among other teams ) should have qualified for MLG Dallas, but were not invited. On top of this, DoubleBuff actually beat Azure Cats 2-0 in the Do it ourselves cup that happened recently.

Since the failure that was the last LCS qualifiers, DoubleBuff have completely reshuffled their roster, keeping only their substitute player. After dropping the lineup, they have finally completed the roster, which includes – Innox ( top ), NubbyPoohBear ( mid ), Scubachris ( Jungle ), FlappyBearFish ( ADC ), Unstoppable ( Support ).

This lineup actually hosts quite a bit of experience, Innox having played for Monomaniac Esports, NubbyPoohBear was formerly the mid laner for oRbit Gaming ( Now Quantic ), ScubaChris is the current substitute player for Vulcun, and Unstoppable played on TSM Evo before they disbanded.

Without releasing too much information, DoubleBuff have beaten almost every amateur team, and even some current LCS teams in scrims. This is a team that has been dealt an extremely difficult bracket. In my opinion, all 3 of DoubleBuff, CLG and Azure Cats are good enough to be LCS teams, but only 1 can qualify for the next split.

Here’s the bottom line. To many people, it is impossible to see CLG NOT be in the LCS summer season, but these people need to get real. CLGs performance as of late has been extremely underwhelming, while DoubleBuff are ready to capitalize. It is of my belief that DoubleBuff can beat both Azure Cats and CLG, it isn’t going to be easy. Blood will be spilt, tears will be shed, trash talk will be said, but my point stands. Do not underestimate team DoubleBuff, they have the ability, they have the experience, and hopefully after this article, they’ll have a few more fans.

Thanks for reading guys. Shout out to Angel Vigil ( Manager of DoubleBuff ) for giving me the go ahead to write this, and good luck to all the amateur teams in the summer promotion series. Look out for an EU version of this article coming soon.

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NA LCS week 2 preview


The best part about the LCS is that after an amazing opening weekend, the action continues the next week! Now granted the week 2 matches aren’t as glamorous as the opening weekends, we should still be in for some good games.

Early on it looks like Curse have taken a lead, going 3-0 in the opening weekend, which includes wins over Team Dignitas, and CLG. Led by the outstanding performance of jungler and captain Saintvicious, Curse look to secure 2 more wins this week as they go up against Complexity and Vulcun.

Team Dignitas vs TSM SnapDragon. Thu 02/14 – 4PM PST

The big game of the weekend come with this match up on the first day.  TSM have already beaten Dig this season, although we can call that game extremely close, so Dig will be out for revenge. Another mid lane epic here as Regi and Scarra face off once more, 2 very seasoned and very skilled mid laners. Another interesting lane will be Dyrus vs KiwiKid in the top lane. KiwiKid was violated by Voyboy in the match vs Curse and it will be interesting to see if he has improved enough to face off with the extremely experienced Dyrus. All this being said, this is an opinion blog, and i’m calling TSM to take this one, based on the fact that I feel TSM were playing badly last weekend, and still managed to beat Dignitas, and I only feel like TSM will get stronger going into these games. Still going to be a very close game though

Curse vs Vulcun. Fri 02/15 – 5PM PST

The LoL Esports website didn’t feature this as a ‘Game to Watch’ which I thought was wrong, so I decided to preview this game instead of the other game they highlighted ( Dignitas vs GGU ). So anyway, Curse are obviously flying at the moment, and are in my mind, the best team in NA. However I do feel that Vulcun can come out and surprise Curse if they aren’t careful enough. They have to be disappointed to play so well against TSM and Dig and to come out 0-2 that their motivation is going to be sky high to bounce back. I think the key for Vulcun will be either winning the bot lane, shutting down Voyboy at top or hoping that Nyjacky is not on form. The bot lane for me is the weakest part of Curse, so therefore easiest to target, but I also feel that if Voyboy is left unchecked, he can control the game, Nyjacky has a tendency to be rather inconsistent, so if he is playing badly Vulcun can capitalize. I want to say a Vulcun win because I love supporting the underdogs, but I feel that Curse are just too good at the moment.

Once again thanks for reading guys. I’m going to be doing preview posts each week for both regions in the style of :

Intro -> Current leading team -> 2-4 best match ups.

I also would like to expand into video making, vlogging, video interviews and what not, but to do that I need enough readers/viewers to make it worth it. I also may be partnering with a friend of mine to expand into a proper website with news and vids, but that could be weeks away.

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