LCS promotion/Relegation Team profile – TCM Gaming

Hey everyone! My article about DoubleBuff ( 1 Trick Ponies ) went down extremely well and ended up hitting 1.5K views in 1 day! for this I am extremely grateful to everyone who read, commented, upvoted or shared. It may not sound that big, but it’s a huge achievement for me. I still remember the days where i’d be happy with 50 views over a few days…

Anyway, I decided to continue and attempt to do a couple more of these style articles before the relegation matches start. I was kind of stuck for a team to choose, so in the end I decided to go with another team I interact with occasionally. The profile today, is TCM gaming.

TCM Gaming is a European team, owned by 2 UK gentlemen, however the team itself is almost completely french, even the manager! The history of TCM is pretty small as the organizations involvement in LoL is only a year old ( They celebrated their 1 year in February 2013 ). They originally had a Swedish team for a few months in 2012, not a huge amount of achievements out of this team led to multiple roster changes before they eventually dropped the team entirely.

The important stuff started in January of this year when TCM Gaming picked up the roster of Heyijustmetyou after they qualified for the LCS promotion tournament in Warsaw. In a harsh group, TCM were able to defeat TheMightyMidgets, but would falter against Copenhagen Wolves and Against All Authority, causing them to drop out at the group stages after finishing 1-2. Since then, only 1 change has been made. Narkuss the former jungler departed the team, while it was planned that former DragonBorns jungler Brokenshard would step inf or the LCS relegation matches, however after his health prevented playing, TCM picked up ImSoFresh, the former jungler for Millenium.

So that’s a brief history of the team itself, let’s take a look at the roster!

Top lane – Andy ‘Zoller’ Zoller

Zoller began his LoL playing career GSU Gaming. After a few wins in several French LANs, he joined TCM with the new roster. He’s known as a pretty solid top laner, similar in a way to Dyrus, in which he is very proficient at not losing his lane.

karim ‘ImSoFresh’ Bahla

Possibly the most recognizable name on the roster, the latest addition to the roster has had a pretty good career in League of Legends before joining. Starting at Sypher, he then moved onto Eclypsia, before finally settling at Millenium. After some decent results at various IEMs and only just missing out on promotion last time around, ImSoFresh joined TCM after Millenium disbanded. They key in having ImSoFresh on the roster is that he has key experience in important matches, that could be vital for TCM.

Mid lane – geoffrey ‘GeoGeo’ Durand.

Geo actually started his career at aAa, at the time he was teammates with the now well known SK Kev1n. After leaving aAa he kind of faded into nothing, playing mainly soloQ. He is now a member of TCM Gaming and hopes to contribute to their chances of promotion to the LCS with his aggressive play style in the mid lane.

Ad Carry – Charles ‘Nanouk’ Le Mero

Nanouk actually started his Esports career as a top Starcraft 2 player in france. After switching to League of Legends mid way through season 1, he has been a part of a few partially known french teams, and has played in a couple of French LANs. He is now a part of TCM and will be looking to show off his impressive micro skills in the upcoming tournament.

Support – Maxime ‘migxa’ poinssot

Migxa started playing League just as season 1 finished, and within a year had hit top 10 on the soloQ ladder in EUW. TCM is his first proper team, and the LCS tournament a few months back in Warsaw was his first ever LAN event.

So you know the history, you know the roster, let’s take a look at the path TCM have to take to reach LCS glory.

Quarter Final vs Sinners Never Sleep (SNS)

This is going to be a pretty good match in all honesty. TCM have more experience together than SNS do, however the roster of SNS is very strong. Boasting former mMe players, and even the current substitute jungler for SK gaming, Noonia. The main battle here though will be between ImSoFresh and Tabzz who will meet for the first time since Millenium disbanded.

personally, I think the experience that TCM have on their roster will be enough to drag them across the line and get themselves into the BO5 promotion match vs aAa, but it will certainly be very difficult for TCM.

Promotion match vs aAa.

If TCM are able to overcome the challenge of SNS, the promotion match will be a 8/10 Frech affair! ( Poor Fredy122 and ImSoFresh ). This again promises to be a great game if it happens, aAa were dropped down to this tournament via DQ after Dioud was unable to attend the playoffs. A few people even said that aAa would’ve beaten SK Gaming had they been able to play. People can speculate, all I know is that both teams are good, but aAa will have the advantage in my eyes due to weeks of LCS practice they just had.

Thanks for reading everyone! I will hopefully be able to release another 1 or MAYBE 2 of these so if you have a request for a team, comment it here, on reddit, or tweet me! @Howspiffing . Also go follow the TCM Gaming manager @Ruliooz

Had I known these were going to be popular I would’ve started last week and got 1 for each team done!


Interview with the ‘ Project Challenger ‘ player – Woundar!

Remember the project challenger fellow? He decided to take a year off from everything to pursue League of Legends for a year. To go from silver leagues, and try to get up to challenger in 1 year. This intrigued me, so I decided to send him a couple of questions, and to my delight, he responded! Here is a link to the original reddit post –

And here is the interview…

 Why did you decide to do this?

Everyday I see people who are not pleased with what they do and get stuck in some kind of social lock and get depressed and bitter over time. I want to follow my dreams and at least try to get close to what I strive to become.

 If you don’t mind me asking, how were you able to get the money to survive for a year 

I’m the kind of person who saves money to spend it on something big afterwards. I had  some part-time jobs and also saved some of the my food money since high-school.

 What is your ultimate goal out of this?

 My ultimate goal is to become a professional gamer/streamer or get a job in e-sports. That is my dream.

 Describe your average day 

I get up and have a usual morning routine; stuff like taking a shower, getting some sort of workout going and getting some breakfast. After that is time to stream for 8 hours and I try my best to keep a strict schedule. After I finish streaming some days I have the energy to go out and spend some time socializing, otherwise I just get ready to close the day by browsing the internet for a little bit before finally going to bed.

 What will you do if you achieve your goal, will you attempt to go pro? 

I will surely do. I think becoming a professional gamer gives you such unique and amazing experiences like traveling and meeting new people around the world.

 if not, what will you do after the year? 

I will probably go back to college and get a my degree in philosophy which is what I was doing before deciding to start the project. I think of myself as a jack of all trades so who knows I might try something different.

 Are you familiar with the pro scene?, if yes, who is your favourite team/players

 Yes I try to watch as many tournaments as I can. As for favourite teams I would have to say Dignitas for NA, Gambit Gaming for EU and for the asian scene CJ Entus. My favourite player is definitely Scarra

 What do you say to people who don’t like what you are doing? 

 Even though the majority of people reacted great towards my project, there were some who were skeptical which is totally understandable. What I’m doing may seem unreasonable and a huge waste of time for some people. I know that I’m still young and have all the time  in the world to go back and finish my studies and live what they would call a “normal life”.

 Favourite champ/role

Rammus. OK. Jungle. OK.

 Anything else you would like to add?

 I would like to thank everyone who supported me thus far, my friends and family and my loyal stream viewers who tune in to watch me everyday. Thank you for keeping my morale up and standing by me in this project.

You can view the stream here ->

You can tweet @Woundar to support him

He is also a genuinely nice guy so it will be great to see him get some support from this great community!


NA LCS week 2 preview


The best part about the LCS is that after an amazing opening weekend, the action continues the next week! Now granted the week 2 matches aren’t as glamorous as the opening weekends, we should still be in for some good games.

Early on it looks like Curse have taken a lead, going 3-0 in the opening weekend, which includes wins over Team Dignitas, and CLG. Led by the outstanding performance of jungler and captain Saintvicious, Curse look to secure 2 more wins this week as they go up against Complexity and Vulcun.

Team Dignitas vs TSM SnapDragon. Thu 02/14 – 4PM PST

The big game of the weekend come with this match up on the first day.  TSM have already beaten Dig this season, although we can call that game extremely close, so Dig will be out for revenge. Another mid lane epic here as Regi and Scarra face off once more, 2 very seasoned and very skilled mid laners. Another interesting lane will be Dyrus vs KiwiKid in the top lane. KiwiKid was violated by Voyboy in the match vs Curse and it will be interesting to see if he has improved enough to face off with the extremely experienced Dyrus. All this being said, this is an opinion blog, and i’m calling TSM to take this one, based on the fact that I feel TSM were playing badly last weekend, and still managed to beat Dignitas, and I only feel like TSM will get stronger going into these games. Still going to be a very close game though

Curse vs Vulcun. Fri 02/15 – 5PM PST

The LoL Esports website didn’t feature this as a ‘Game to Watch’ which I thought was wrong, so I decided to preview this game instead of the other game they highlighted ( Dignitas vs GGU ). So anyway, Curse are obviously flying at the moment, and are in my mind, the best team in NA. However I do feel that Vulcun can come out and surprise Curse if they aren’t careful enough. They have to be disappointed to play so well against TSM and Dig and to come out 0-2 that their motivation is going to be sky high to bounce back. I think the key for Vulcun will be either winning the bot lane, shutting down Voyboy at top or hoping that Nyjacky is not on form. The bot lane for me is the weakest part of Curse, so therefore easiest to target, but I also feel that if Voyboy is left unchecked, he can control the game, Nyjacky has a tendency to be rather inconsistent, so if he is playing badly Vulcun can capitalize. I want to say a Vulcun win because I love supporting the underdogs, but I feel that Curse are just too good at the moment.

Once again thanks for reading guys. I’m going to be doing preview posts each week for both regions in the style of :

Intro -> Current leading team -> 2-4 best match ups.

I also would like to expand into video making, vlogging, video interviews and what not, but to do that I need enough readers/viewers to make it worth it. I also may be partnering with a friend of mine to expand into a proper website with news and vids, but that could be weeks away.

Follow me @Howspiffing for updates on my team ( MyRevenge ), my writing, and some of my personal life, although I keep that to a minimum now xD


EU LCS Roundup

WOW. So I spent the whole of the weekend glued to my computer monitor, and my phone screen at times. There was no way I was missing a game of the European season 3 qualifiers, and boy am I glad I decided that LoL was more important than college…

Group Stages.

The games started with group B, and in that group we had the first surprise of the tournament. Curse EU ( LoLPro ) were 0-2’d in the group stages and knocked out of season 3. I had suspected that they had been bootcamping for this, it seems I may have been mistaken. Millenium and DragonBorns both advanced from this group.

Group C played next, with this group being judged the easiest group to advance from, we were thrown a slight shock when The Mighty Midgets went down 0-2 and aAa advanced 2-0 despite losing their jungler Linak to the ban hammer.

Group A played 3rd, and yet another shock! GIANTS ( formerly OceloteWorld ) advanced 2-0 which included beating Fnatic in the groups!. Fnatic still proceeded through 2-1 after beating Alternate in a tense battle for 2nd place.

The final group to play was group D, after Team Solo Medbi were disqualified, MYM only had to win 1 to proceed, which they did. Mousesports also qualified after beating EloHell in the deciding game.

Quarter Finals.

Millenium vs Copenhagen Wolves was another huge surprise. Wolves were able to take the set 2-0 meaning they became the 1st team to qualify for season 3 via the LCS. Millenium came in as heavy favourites and to see them knocked down into the losers bracket surprised everyone.

aAa were able to sneak past DragonBorns 2-1 meaning that despite their star jungler Linak being disqualified, they were still able to make it into season 3 using Virtual as an emergency sub.

GIANTS continued their winning spree from the groups by going 2-0 against Mousesports and securing their place in season 3. Originally considered as heavy outsiders to qualify, GIANTS have actually qualified as one of the stronger looking teams.

Fnatic vs MYM was a big one. Both were favourites to qualify at this point, and it was Fnatic that were able to take the series 2-1 and force MYM into the losers bracket where they would have to face off against other heavy favourites, Millenium.

Semi Final ( losers Bracket )

MYM vs Millenium was a game of 2 giants. Both were expected to qualify but only 1 could make it through to the losers bracket final. MYM rolled the game 2-0 bringing around the 2nd major upset of the qualifiers. Millenium were out, and would not be participating in the LCS for at least 6 months.

The 2nd semi final, that was overshadowed by the Millenium – MYM game, was between DragonBorns and Mousesports. Both teams were considered outsiders at this point but DragonBorns put up a huge performance to take series 2-0.

Final ( losers bracket )

Meet Your Makers vs DragonBorns was the deciding game. 1 of them would go through, 1 of them would go home, and after some amazing fights, DragonBorns actually won 2-0, winning each game fairly easily.

The 5 teams that made it.


Copenhagen Wolves

Against All Authority



I would try to call an MVP for this tournament, but there were so many skilled players on show, there are to many that deserve credit. I will however give my credit to GIANTS gaming, who came in as underdogs and ended up qualifying undefeated.

Thanks for reading 🙂





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