EU LCS Roundup

WOW. So I spent the whole of the weekend glued to my computer monitor, and my phone screen at times. There was no way I was missing a game of the European season 3 qualifiers, and boy am I glad I decided that LoL was more important than college…

Group Stages.

The games started with group B, and in that group we had the first surprise of the tournament. Curse EU ( LoLPro ) were 0-2’d in the group stages and knocked out of season 3. I had suspected that they had been bootcamping for this, it seems I may have been mistaken. Millenium and DragonBorns both advanced from this group.

Group C played next, with this group being judged the easiest group to advance from, we were thrown a slight shock when The Mighty Midgets went down 0-2 and aAa advanced 2-0 despite losing their jungler Linak to the ban hammer.

Group A played 3rd, and yet another shock! GIANTS ( formerly OceloteWorld ) advanced 2-0 which included beating Fnatic in the groups!. Fnatic still proceeded through 2-1 after beating Alternate in a tense battle for 2nd place.

The final group to play was group D, after Team Solo Medbi were disqualified, MYM only had to win 1 to proceed, which they did. Mousesports also qualified after beating EloHell in the deciding game.

Quarter Finals.

Millenium vs Copenhagen Wolves was another huge surprise. Wolves were able to take the set 2-0 meaning they became the 1st team to qualify for season 3 via the LCS. Millenium came in as heavy favourites and to see them knocked down into the losers bracket surprised everyone.

aAa were able to sneak past DragonBorns 2-1 meaning that despite their star jungler Linak being disqualified, they were still able to make it into season 3 using Virtual as an emergency sub.

GIANTS continued their winning spree from the groups by going 2-0 against Mousesports and securing their place in season 3. Originally considered as heavy outsiders to qualify, GIANTS have actually qualified as one of the stronger looking teams.

Fnatic vs MYM was a big one. Both were favourites to qualify at this point, and it was Fnatic that were able to take the series 2-1 and force MYM into the losers bracket where they would have to face off against other heavy favourites, Millenium.

Semi Final ( losers Bracket )

MYM vs Millenium was a game of 2 giants. Both were expected to qualify but only 1 could make it through to the losers bracket final. MYM rolled the game 2-0 bringing around the 2nd major upset of the qualifiers. Millenium were out, and would not be participating in the LCS for at least 6 months.

The 2nd semi final, that was overshadowed by the Millenium – MYM game, was between DragonBorns and Mousesports. Both teams were considered outsiders at this point but DragonBorns put up a huge performance to take series 2-0.

Final ( losers bracket )

Meet Your Makers vs DragonBorns was the deciding game. 1 of them would go through, 1 of them would go home, and after some amazing fights, DragonBorns actually won 2-0, winning each game fairly easily.

The 5 teams that made it.


Copenhagen Wolves

Against All Authority



I would try to call an MVP for this tournament, but there were so many skilled players on show, there are to many that deserve credit. I will however give my credit to GIANTS gaming, who came in as underdogs and ended up qualifying undefeated.

Thanks for reading 🙂