LCS promotion/Relegation Team profile – TCM Gaming

Hey everyone! My article about DoubleBuff ( 1 Trick Ponies ) went down extremely well and ended up hitting 1.5K views in 1 day! for this I am extremely grateful to everyone who read, commented, upvoted or shared. It may not sound that big, but it’s a huge achievement for me. I still remember the days where i’d be happy with 50 views over a few days…

Anyway, I decided to continue and attempt to do a couple more of these style articles before the relegation matches start. I was kind of stuck for a team to choose, so in the end I decided to go with another team I interact with occasionally. The profile today, is TCM gaming.

TCM Gaming is a European team, owned by 2 UK gentlemen, however the team itself is almost completely french, even the manager! The history of TCM is pretty small as the organizations involvement in LoL is only a year old ( They celebrated their 1 year in February 2013 ). They originally had a Swedish team for a few months in 2012, not a huge amount of achievements out of this team led to multiple roster changes before they eventually dropped the team entirely.

The important stuff started in January of this year when TCM Gaming picked up the roster of Heyijustmetyou after they qualified for the LCS promotion tournament in Warsaw. In a harsh group, TCM were able to defeat TheMightyMidgets, but would falter against Copenhagen Wolves and Against All Authority, causing them to drop out at the group stages after finishing 1-2. Since then, only 1 change has been made. Narkuss the former jungler departed the team, while it was planned that former DragonBorns jungler Brokenshard would step inf or the LCS relegation matches, however after his health prevented playing, TCM picked up ImSoFresh, the former jungler for Millenium.

So that’s a brief history of the team itself, let’s take a look at the roster!

Top lane – Andy ‘Zoller’ Zoller

Zoller began his LoL playing career GSU Gaming. After a few wins in several French LANs, he joined TCM with the new roster. He’s known as a pretty solid top laner, similar in a way to Dyrus, in which he is very proficient at not losing his lane.

karim ‘ImSoFresh’ Bahla

Possibly the most recognizable name on the roster, the latest addition to the roster has had a pretty good career in League of Legends before joining. Starting at Sypher, he then moved onto Eclypsia, before finally settling at Millenium. After some decent results at various IEMs and only just missing out on promotion last time around, ImSoFresh joined TCM after Millenium disbanded. They key in having ImSoFresh on the roster is that he has key experience in important matches, that could be vital for TCM.

Mid lane – geoffrey ‘GeoGeo’ Durand.

Geo actually started his career at aAa, at the time he was teammates with the now well known SK Kev1n. After leaving aAa he kind of faded into nothing, playing mainly soloQ. He is now a member of TCM Gaming and hopes to contribute to their chances of promotion to the LCS with his aggressive play style in the mid lane.

Ad Carry – Charles ‘Nanouk’ Le Mero

Nanouk actually started his Esports career as a top Starcraft 2 player in france. After switching to League of Legends mid way through season 1, he has been a part of a few partially known french teams, and has played in a couple of French LANs. He is now a part of TCM and will be looking to show off his impressive micro skills in the upcoming tournament.

Support – Maxime ‘migxa’ poinssot

Migxa started playing League just as season 1 finished, and within a year had hit top 10 on the soloQ ladder in EUW. TCM is his first proper team, and the LCS tournament a few months back in Warsaw was his first ever LAN event.

So you know the history, you know the roster, let’s take a look at the path TCM have to take to reach LCS glory.

Quarter Final vs Sinners Never Sleep (SNS)

This is going to be a pretty good match in all honesty. TCM have more experience together than SNS do, however the roster of SNS is very strong. Boasting former mMe players, and even the current substitute jungler for SK gaming, Noonia. The main battle here though will be between ImSoFresh and Tabzz who will meet for the first time since Millenium disbanded.

personally, I think the experience that TCM have on their roster will be enough to drag them across the line and get themselves into the BO5 promotion match vs aAa, but it will certainly be very difficult for TCM.

Promotion match vs aAa.

If TCM are able to overcome the challenge of SNS, the promotion match will be a 8/10 Frech affair! ( Poor Fredy122 and ImSoFresh ). This again promises to be a great game if it happens, aAa were dropped down to this tournament via DQ after Dioud was unable to attend the playoffs. A few people even said that aAa would’ve beaten SK Gaming had they been able to play. People can speculate, all I know is that both teams are good, but aAa will have the advantage in my eyes due to weeks of LCS practice they just had.

Thanks for reading everyone! I will hopefully be able to release another 1 or MAYBE 2 of these so if you have a request for a team, comment it here, on reddit, or tweet me! @Howspiffing . Also go follow the TCM Gaming manager @Ruliooz

Had I known these were going to be popular I would’ve started last week and got 1 for each team done!